Mark Swinhoe




  • Over 13 years commercial software experience in the games industry with over 10 published titles
  • Platform experience on iOS, PS1, PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, NGC and PC
  • Programming in C/C++, C#, Python, Lua and various assembly languages
  • Extremely motivated with excellent communication, team, people, and problem solving skills

  • Employment History

    Griptonite India, Hyderabad | Technical Manager | Jan 2011 - Present

    I lead the programming team in Griptonite India, part of Foundation 9 Entertainment, working closely with Griptonite Games in Kirkland, WA.

    Guest House Games, Hyderabad | Technical Director | Aug 2010 - Oct 2010

    As Technical Director of a startup company I was responsible huge range of tasks but I spend the majority of my time working on the partner company Backstage Pass - School of Gaming. This involved University Presentations, event planning, designing the course syllabus, interviewing and teaching students, interviewing staff, and planning the strategy of the school.

    Sony, London | Senior Programmer | Nov 2004 - Aug 2010

    Playstation Home | PS3 | Mar 2007 - Aug 2010
    I was responsible for the Lua API that is exposed to 1st and 3rd Party Developers. This involved planning the future of the API, maintaining the VM, design and implementation of the framework that bridges Lua and Home, and writing systems which are then exposed to Lua such as Maths and Rendering APIs. The majority of the API has been written by myself but as Home is growing I supervised other programmers adding functionality by overseeing their design and implementation and then I released their work to Developers. I was constantly involved with the support team, the internal content teams, and was active on the Home Developer Forums. I enjoyed helping everyone with improving Home via their content and was focussed on making their job easier by providing an easy to use, logical, and stable API.

    I also designed and wrote the client side of Home's object system where content such as mini-games, arcade games, furniture, clothing, and portable items are contained within a packaged object file, unifying the processing and submission of different types of content. The object's content and the context it was requested dictate the functionality of the object. This has become a very important system in Home as almost all content is submitted through it. This keeps everything simple and the system is versatile to cope with any content. It also has the benefit of when a new feature is added to the object system then all the content can use it.

    Eight Days | PS3 | Aug 2006 - Mar 2007
    I joined the project at the end of pre-production and started work on the turret gameplay mechanic where the player shot enemies and vehicles while travelling on a predefined path. Work stopped due to the project being put on hold.

    Gangs of London | PSP | Feb 2005 - Aug 2006
    took over the role of the engine graphics programmer and was responsible for the city rendering. The city was packed in memory and a separate thread unpacked it and generated display lists which the main thread then rendered. The amount of the city to render was decided by the amount of memory free. The city kept growing from the player's camera position until it ran out of memory and would continually try to use up all the memory it had to give the player the best view. I also wrote the automated build system to test the game's 64 levels. The process ran every night and built the latest code and data and then burnt it to DVD. It then launched all the levels in turn and reported memory, frame rate, assertions and crashes. It then created a report, showing differences from the previous day, which was sent around to the team to help find problems very early on with broken code and content.

    World Tour Soccer | PSP | Nov 2004 - Feb 2005
    I joined the team as they approached Alpha and worked on the PSP renderer adding features such as alpha sorting, TV screen wipes, player names on shirts, as well as CPU, GPU and memory optimisations.

    Argonaut, London | Senior Programmer | Feb 2004 - Oct 2004

    Catwoman | PS2, Xbox, NGC, PC | Nov 2003 - Jul 2004
    My main duties consisted of porting the PS2 version of Catwoman to the PC and Xbox and adding any PC specific features such as peripheral support and configuration. I also continually profiled the PC version on the full range of supported graphics cards starting as low as an nVidia GeForce 2 MX. I automated daily builds and submission to the publisher of all the ports, which dramatically freed our time for bug fixing.

    Argonaut, Sheffield | Senior Programmer | May 2003 - Feb 2004

    I-Ninja | PS2, Xbox, NGC, PC | Oct 2003 - Nov 2003
    As the Lead PC programmer for I-Ninja I ported the PS2 version of I-Ninja to the PC and created a build process to reduce human errors and dramatically reduced the time to make builds of the game.

    Bionicle | PS2, Xbox, NGC, PC | May 2003 - Oct 2003
    I wrote all the special effects for the Intel enhanced Hyper-threaded PC version of Bionicle. The main features were procedural skies, interactive water, obscured lens flares and enhanced shadows. I used SIMD extensively and the optimisations ran up to 20 times faster than the C version.

    Infogrames Studios Ltd, Sheffield | Senior Programmer | Aug 2000 - May 2003

    Dragon Ball GT | PS2, Xbox | Dec 2003 - May 2003
    I wrote a character flying prototype using RenderWare. Work ceased due to the closure of the studio.

    Micro Machines | PS2, Xbox, NGC | Jul 2001 - Dec 2003
    My responsibilities on Micro Machines included programming the vehicle AI, game logic and leading the development of the Xbox SKU which included submissions to QA and Microsoft. I also wrote several systems including a cross platform memory manager that was used throughout the studio.

    Superman Shadow of Apokolips | PS2 | Mar 2001 - Jul 2001
    I Converted the PS2 version to run on the Xbox SKU but due to a business descision the Xbox version was cancelled.

    Hogs of War II | PS2, Xbox | Aug 2000 - Feb 2001
    I was employed as the Front end and tools programmer. The project was cancelled due to a business descision.

    Krisalis | Programmer | Jul 1999 - Jul 2000

    Star Sweep | PS1 | Mar 2000 - Jul 2000
    Football Manager 2001 | PS1 | Jan 2000 - Jul 2000
    EA Sports Cricket 2000 | PS1 | Jul 1999 - Dec 1999

    IT Services, Leeds City Council | IT Assistant | Sept 1997 - Apr 1999

    I was placed in the resources team programming various Oracle and COBOL systems.


    The University of Leeds | 1995 - 1999

    2:1 BSc Hons Computer Science with Software Technology (Ind)
    I specialised in software engineering covering subjects such as compiler design, parallel processing and 3D graphics. I was awarded a 1st for my final year project, the Simple Emulated Microcomputer, designed to teach assembly language basics in a friendly integrated development environment.

    York Sixth Form College, Tadcaster Road, York | 1993 - 1995

    A Levels in Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and General Studies.

    All Saints R.C. School, Nunnery Lane, York | 1988 - 1993

    9 GCSEs.

    Hobbies and Interests

    I regularly go to the gym and my main hobby is Karate. I also enjoy Mountain Biking and often make trips out to the countryside on weekends. For the past year I have been learning Japanese and attend weekly lessons.


    Available on request.